The Lives of the Saints

What This Page is About

If a feast day of a saint comes up, you may find my reflections on that particular saint here!

Anything related to Mary will not be on this page. For now, she will be under the Doctrinal Reflections page; however, should I find myself writing many posts on her, she may eventually have her own page. Let’s pray I get to that point!


Please note that I am no Church authority, and, while I try to do as much research as I can on a topic that I may have questions on, I can still get something wrong. I never intend to spread heresy, so if you notice something fundamentally wrong, please inform me ASAP! (See the contact page for this.) In such a situation, I will change it immediately.

Otherwise, I love a good debate, so feel free to drop me messages or comments on anything on which you may have questions or thoughts!