Divine Office Reflections

What This Page is About

In the Spring 2017, I ran a small group in which we reflected on the second reading of a day’s Office of Readings. I would pick the reading based on something that I had read earlier that week that really sparked a reaction and a desire to dive deeper into it with my small group.

This page is a continuation of that. Sometimes, I will find a Divine Office reading that I really like; I hope to be able to dive into those readings here.


Please note that I am no Church authority, and, while I try to do as much research as I can on a topic that I may have questions on, I can still get something wrong. I never intend to spread heresy, so if you notice something fundamentally wrong, please inform me ASAP! (See the contact page for this.) In such a situation, I will change it immediately.

Otherwise, I love a good debate, so feel free to drop me messages or comments on anything on which you may have questions or thoughts!