A Reflection on Psalm 25

“I trust in you, let me not be disappointed…Those who hope in you shall not be disappointed…Those who hope in you shall not be disappointed…Do not disappoint me, you are my refuge.” (taken from Thursday Week I, Daytime Prayer) Disappointment: It seems like a common theme in the psalm, especially in this selection from Daytime […]

Wisdom 2

Access the reading here. Nihilism in the Book of Wisdom The beginning of this chapter totally sounds like it comes from a nihilist: Nothing truly matters because we were nothing when we were born and, eventually, we’ll go back to that state when we die. Therefore, we ought to enjoy all the good things this […]

Apologies for Hiatus

First off, I know it has been awhile since I last blogged. When I went into my home page, I was quite surprised to see that I have been getting views since my hiatus (the good kind of surprise, of course)! I’m really glad that I have been reaching people beyond my Facebook page; even […]

31 July 2017 – Day Six

The final day of reflecting on the memories of World Youth Day: I realize why I didn’t have pictures yesterday to share: I remembered the march, but I forgot that I didn’t have WiFi that night to upload the pictures! Silly me…. But one year ago today, Pope Francis, along with 2 million pilgrims from […]